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Monmon cat tattoo, Horitomo tattooed cats

Japanese-style tattoos depicting sinuous and rounded cats are in turn tattooed. This definition Monmon cat (Monmon is one of the Japanese terms for "tattoos"), Japanese-style cats decorated with flowers, skulls, dragons, etc., designed by Horitomo (Kazuaki Kitamura), a tattoo artist especially proficient in Japanese tattoos and tebori tattoos who currently works for State Studio Grace San Jose.

I Monmon cat tattoo no doubt made Horitomo, their creator, famous, so much so that a website was dedicated to them, where you can buy various types of gadgets. The reason for their success is easy to imagine: tattoos with cats in themselves have an irresistible charm for those who love these animals, if you add to this the exoticism of the Japanese style and the ability to decorate their fur with any kind of color ... etc., it gets really hard to resist the temptation monmon cat tattoo.

Those who know Horitomo initially assumed that his idea of ​​creating Monmon cat tattoo comes exclusively from two of his main hobbies: tattoos and cats. This was partly true, but Horitomo had a more noble and universal reason in mind, namely to find a subject (actually cats) capable of get the public to appreciate the Japanese tattoo art. Why did you choose a cat? In addition to the artist's personal hobby, in Japanese culture we speak of a cat as an animal with divine powers, a symbol beauty, independence, luck and dignity... However, the same discrimination that cats suffer in some cultures, being convinced that cats (especially blacks) bring bad luck, Horitomo embraced this in Japan, where a tattooed body is not always frowned upon, or worse, is considered a bad omen. While in the rest of the world Japanese tattoos are popular and in high demandin their homeland, however, they are the object of deeply rooted prejudices.

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For this reason, it seems that Horitomo moved to America during his studies, convinced that he would find a more fertile and fertile ground for his art. He was right: for several years now he has baked countless Monmon cat tattoos and drawings achieve immense success and fame all over the world!