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Geisha tattoos ... and geisha tattooed: photos and meaning


Geisha has always been a symbol of Japanese culture, a charming, almost legendary female figure. As a symbol of Japanese tradition and culture, it is not uncommon to find geisha tattoo.

Geisha story

Contrary to popular belief that geisha are just a high-ranking prostitute, geisha, also called "women of the art", received a very strict education from an early age.

In fact, the geisha should have refined intelligence, gentle and wise manner of speaking, she should have known dance, music and public speaking... His task was to complement and enhance the qualities of a person, without decorating the show.

However, it is interesting that not everyone knows that initially the first geisha were ...people... They were entertainers assigned to entertain nobles, an elegant version of what we called jesters at the time.

Around the second half of the 1700s, the first female geisha began to appear, and their grace quickly captured the taste of the nobility. Soon the "male geisha" disappeared and was forever supplanted by the female version.

As exciting as the image of a geisha may seem to us, thanks in part to the images that Japaneseism has established in Western minds, their life was far from easy.

Strict rules emphasized every aspect of their daily lives, and a bad reputation was enough to end up ruining, being sent into the house for pleasure, or at the mercy of some buyer.

They were lucky women because they were educated and surrounded by art and beauty, but far from free.

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Geisha tattoos ... and geisha tattooed: photos and meaning

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Geisha tattoos ... and geisha tattooed: photos and meaning

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Geisha tattoos ... and geisha tattooed: photos and meaning

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Geisha tattoo: meaning

Beautiful like dolls, sensual and mysterious, created with manic precision, geisha to this day remain a living symbol of tradition opposed to the surrounding modernity.

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Un geisha tattoo so it can mean several things. This could be a tribute to Japanese tradition, given the significance and imagery associated with the mysterious geisha figure. Geisha tattoo can represent beauty and grace, but also strength that every woman must go out to face life's difficulties.