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Star Wars Tattoos: Ideas for a Legendary Tattoo

Star Warsor Star wars in Italian it is a sci-fi movie saga, but better placed in space fantasy, born in the 70s. The success of Star Wars is global and epidemic; even when talking about the most ardent Star Wars fans, we started talking about a religion in which the Force is a bit the same as the Trinity is to Catholics: dogma, a powerful mystery that constantly envelops us. In short, Star Wars is a cinematic phenomenon destined to cross and crush generations.

Given the huge success and ability to garner followers that Star Wars still has 40 years after it started, it's not at all surprising to see Star Wars tattoos... Indeed, the saga became the starting point for the birth of incredible works of art, compositions that gave life to unique tattoos! If you're thinking of getting a Star Wars-inspired tattoo too, you might be wondering which item to choose. Symbols, symbols, quotes The proposed saga are undoubtedly fan favorite stories.

Undoubtedly among the most frequently chosen characters Darth Vader and Khan Soloboth among men and among girls! Even different spaceships the ones you see in movies are often chosen for tattoos, especially on the thighs and arms, in highly detailed versions or just silhouettes, for a more subdued yet still very recognizable result! Symbols Galactic Federation, O "Sith Empire, O "Order of the Jedi, O "Rebel Alliance and so on, just pick the one that is "closest" to your philosophy.