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Outlander saga tattoos

The second season of the Starz production series dedicated to gorgeous has just begun. Outlander saga (written by Diana Gabaldon) and anyone who has read the books or seen the first season can't help but fall in love with this exciting story and its characters!

As always, when you are in front of a successful streak, the first ones also flock in this case. Outlander Saga Inspired Tattoos... For those unfamiliar with this gripping saga, the story's protagonist is Claire, a 40s nurse who travels with her husband, Frank Randall, to Scotland to rebuild a relationship broken by the war. Here she comes into contact with the magical stones that take her to Scotland in 1700, where she meets James Fraser, a cultured, charming warrior, with whom Claire falls madly in love. Among various twists and turns, adventures, intrigues and moments of endless romance, Claire and Jamie They not only became husband and wife, but also worked to prevent the terrible Battle of Culloden a few years later, in 1746, which once and for all distorted the culture and independence of the Scots before the English rule.

This saga, which is halfway between history and fantasy, has captivated millions of people around the world for a reason. Claire is a strong female character, with a quick response, very clever. Jamie Fraser is a hopeful manthoughtful, courageous and warlike, but at the same time very sensitive, with moments of fragility that make him fictional hero but very likely and real.

I Alien style tattoos These are mostly phrases and quotes from novels that Jamie often says to Claire to confirm his love for her. For example, the phrase engraved on their wedding ring “Yes mi basia thousand, dein thousand alters", Taken from a poem by Catullus, which means" Give me a thousand kisses, and then a thousand more. " Another very popular tattoo among Outlander fans is the motto of the Fraser clan, of which Jamie is a part, and then Claire as his wife: “I am a finger", Which means" I'm ready. "

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Another very beautiful phrase suitable for romantic tattoo Jamie said, "I can't own your soul without losing mine."

For those who have been fascinated by Gaelic, the native Celtic language of Scotland, here is a short list of some of the most beautiful words and phrases used in the saga:

<br>• Friend: brother

<br>• Saorsa: Freedom

<br>• Lovers: sweetness expressing tenderness

<br>• My heart: my heart

<br>• My brown hair: my beautiful brunette

<br>• Sassenach: foreign, english

<br>• Dinna Fash: don't worry, just relax

And finally, the lovely wedding vows that Claire and Jamie exchanged during their unforgettable wedding, which reads in Gaelic:

You are the blood from my veins, you are the bone of my bones.

My body belongs to you, so we can be one.

My soul belongs to you until the end of our world.

Translated into Italian, the marriage vow sounds like this:

You are the blood of my blood

and the bones of my bones.

I give you my body

so we will be one Thing.

I give you my Spirit

until our Soul is surrendered

Really romantic, right?

If you are still unfamiliar with this exciting saga and we managed to pique your curiosity, here is the trailer for the first season, created by STARZ.

Outlander Season Preview [SUB ITA]

For the latest news on the Outlander series, we recommend that you keep an eye on Outlander Italy and the official STARZ website. 😉