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Hamsa hand tattoos: what they mean and ideas for inspiration


It is called the hand of Hamsa, the hand of Fatima or Miriam and is an ancient amulet of the Jewish, Muslim and Christian religions of the East. This symbol has become quite widespread in recent years before embarking on creating this gorgeous pattern on your skin, however it is good to know the real ones. The meaning of the hamsa tattoo on the hands or the hand of Fatima.

Fatima's hand tattoo: what does it mean?

The Jews call this amulet the Hand of Miriam, the sister of Aaron and Moses. Five fingers (hamesh - the Hebrew word for "five") represent the five books of the Torah, as well as the fifth letter of the alphabet:He“, The letter, which, in turn, represents one of the names of God.

Un tattoo with hand of fatima therefore, he could symbolize the Jewish faith, faith in God or in the commandments transmitted through Moses.

But Fatima's hand was also symbol of freedom for many Muslims. In fact, it is said about a woman, Fatima, who sacrificed her right hand to gain her freedom.

Again, tradition says that Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, witnessed the return of her beloved husband with a concubine. Taken by surprise and amazed to see her husband with another woman, Fatima mistakenly dipped her hand into boiling water, but did not feel pain, because what she felt in her heart was much stronger. The story ended well, because Fatima's husband finally realized how much she was suffering from the arrival of a new wife, and refused it. In this case, for Muslims Fatima's hand represents composure and seriousness... In particular, this amulet is worn by Muslim women. it means patience, joy and good luck as a gift.

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In strictly folk-religious terms tattoo with hand of Fatima represents amulet of protection from the evil eye and negative influences in general.

Thus, although it is not necessary to belong to the Islamic religion, Hamsa tattoo on his hands maybe talisman for good luck, amulet of protection against negative life events.

The Hamsa hand is often depicted with decorations on the inside and sometimes with an eye in the center of the palm. This is due to protection from the evil eye and malice. Raising the right hand, showing the palm, with fingers parted was a kind of curse that served to blind the aggressor.

Being a very ancient symbol / amulet, traces of which were found in ancient Mesopotamia and Carthage, the Hams hand has a wide range of cultural and religious meanings, which are very important to know before getting a tattoo with this design. In general, we can say that the meaning that more or less everyone shares is that hand of Fatima - amulet of protection, protection from dangers and negative things.

What is the most suitable place for a Fatima hand tattoo?

The hams hand looks like a hand (usually the right one), the palm is facing the viewer, and the big and little fingers are slightly open outward. This design adapts well to almost any body placement because it can be done in many different styles, more or less complex. The most popular place for a hamsa arm tattoo is the back of the neck and back, probably due to the symmetry of this pattern.