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Cat tattoos: photo and meaning

Cats: Elegant companions who love to be pampered and pampered, what would we do without them? Let's see together all possible meanings of cat tattoos… You will be fascinated!

Dear cat lovers, this article is for you (and me, LOVING cats). In fact, the tattoo is forever ... and so is our cat. A cat tattoo in fact, this is not only a tribute to our four-legged friend: a cat is an animal symbol-richcreated in different cultures throughout history.

So if you are thinking of a cat tattoo, you will be pleasantly surprised by the many meanings attributed to this adorable animal.

What is the meaning of cat tattoos? 

When you think of a cat, it always comes to mind. grace, His winding support ed elegant... It is no coincidence that the cat is a symbol of seduction and charm, and it is no coincidence that such a “feline” and very sensual heroine like Catwoman was born from the figure of a cat.

In some ancient Celtic legends, there was a cat here. night creature guarding souls and their secrets that watched the world of the dead and with their typical haughty gaze, they watch the living, unaware of his strength and the depth of his wisdom. Perhaps not a very funny reference to the cat figure, but definitelymysterious and magical aura.

For the ancient Romans, the cat was a sacred animal of the goddess Diana. goddess of the moon... He was also considered the guardian of the home and symbolized the well-being of the home. Likewise, even the ancient Egyptians dedicated a cat to a deity, so much so that a moon deity called Bastet had the head of a cat and the body of a woman. In this culture, cats were so highly prized that they were mummified along with mice so that they could eat in the afterlife.

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Besides these historical and cultural aspects, the cat has some features making it a truly unique and special animal. Spicy intelligence, an attentive and haughty look, movements are always elegant and light noise with which they suddenly appear in our field of vision, their independence, their ability to move and see perfectly even in the dark makes the cat our worthy, free and precious friend.

Thus, the meaning of cat tattoos can be:

  • patience 
  • independence
  • Elegance
  • to cheer up
  • intelligence
  • Grace
  • Introspection
  • curiosity
  • Boldness

It seems right to end with one of the many quotes about cats, this time by Théophile Gaultier, who summarizes and expresses part of the nature of cats. full freedom:

“Winning feline friendship is not easy. He will give you his friendship if you prove that you deserve this honor, but he will never become your slave. "