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Mandala tattoo, what it means and ideas for inspiration!


Have you ever heard of mandalas? Some may have heard about it in school or perhaps in coloring books. THE mandala tattoo in recent years have become more and more popular, and this is not surprising: these decorative figures are truly beautiful. Let's find out what mandalas are, where they come from and what they are. mandala tattoo meaning.


What are mandalas?

Mandala tattoo: meaning

Original mandala tattoo ideas

What are mandalas?

Generally speaking, Mandalas are circular shapes made up of basic geometric shapes such as a point, triangle, circle and square, crossed together to form mesmerizing rosette-like weaves.

First of all, it is useful to know that the term "mandala" in Sanskrit consists of two words: Manda which means "essence" e La which means "to own, to contain." THE mandalas are works of art closely associated with oriental culture and religions., so much so that their origin goes back to the culture of the Vedas (i see represent a collection of ancient sacred texts in Sanskrit), but have become very important in other cultures.

Thus, a mandala tattoo is not only an ornament., it can also be important.

Mandala tattoo: meaning

For Buddhists mandalas represent the process of forming the cosmos, from the center outward. This process metaphorically corresponds to our inner journey, which develops from our center to the outside world. We also found a very similar concept in unalome tattoos.

An interesting fact is that Buddhists paint their mandalas with colored sand and even precious stones were used in the past. With patience and method, the sand is laid to create intricate patterns with geometric shapes as well as objects, landscapes and natural elements. However, these amazing masterpieces have a very short life: after completion, the monks sweep away all the sand. This represents transience and transience of life but also teaches don't get attached to material things.

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Hindus also have their own mandalas., which, in comparison with Buddhist, however, are much more complex, geometric and schematic, called yantra.

Original mandala tattoo ideas

Un tattoo with mandala or, therefore, inspired by the mandala, it is not just a decorative act for our body. This design appeals to spirituality and has its roots in ancient cultures. THE design with which you can get a mandala tattoo they are endless and customizable. They can be black and white for a more “minimal” effect, or colored for a more traditional feel. The combination of both is very interesting: a minimal black and white tattoo with a watercolor style color, scattered around or stretched out next to the mandala.

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