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Moth Tattoos: Ideas and Meaning

I moth tattoos are not among the most common, although lately they are acquiring increasing success, but they are particular tattoos, suitable for those looking for a original tattoo with an interesting meaning.

Like butterflies, moths also belong to the god family Lepidoptera, and although the two insects share meanings, the moth has a few that totally differentiate it from its colorful and inflated winged relative.

What is the meaning of moth tattoos? 

First of all, it must be specified that the moths are nocturnal animals, while butterflies are diurnal insects. The fact that the moth carries out its activities at night causes that a moth tattoo bring with you a whole series of symbols related to nightlife. Animals that live at night normally symbolize i Dreams, Theunknown of darkness, knowledge e inner awareness. Metaphorically speaking, we could associate the ease with which nocturnal animals carry out their activities in the dark with our ability to rely on intuition, sensations or perceptions rather than our more physical and material senses. Nocturnal creatures are not afraid of the absence of light; similarly, we too can rely on dreams, feelings and instincts to cope with life and its difficulties.

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In addition to these meanings though, a moth tattoo can also mean Faith, Vulnerability, Determination and Attraction. Because? If you have ever seen a moth circling around a flame or artificial light, you have no doubt noticed that it often approaches you almost to burn and in the worst case, die. Near a flame, the moth is alert but confident that getting close is for its good, it lets itself be attracted despite the danger. Scientifically speaking, it is not yet clear why the moth is so attracted to light, but in a metaphorical sense it is an example of the faith and determination with which we should pursue our dreams, despite the risk of getting burned.

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The moth also has a very strong link with the moon and its phases. In fact, in nature, the moon is the only reference light for moths, which follow it at any cost and on the basis of which they are able to orient their senses. Symbolically speaking, a moth tattoo could be a reminder to fly high, to lower our rational defenses in favor of achieving our dreams, while maintaining a firm point of reference, like the light of the moon.

The moth is also a symbol attraction and passion. The female moth's pheromones act as a delicate fragrance which, despite the darkness, unerringly attract the male. Similarly, a moth tattoo can symbolize the feminine ability to seduce discreetly, attracting people to himself with grace and confidence.

Finally, the the moth is very skilled in camouflage, until it becomes almost invisible to an unattentive eye. In a metaphorical sense, we could therefore represent our ability to take advantage of the surrounding environment and to adapt the situations in our favor by tattooing ourselves, a moth.

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