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Tatuaggi coi Pokémon: catch everyone!

Who was born and lived in the 90s certainly had something to do with gorgeous pokemon, pocket creatures born out of hand Satoshi Tajiri! From its inception in the early 90s to today, Pokémon have continued to thrive, capturing millions of children around the world, but just as many adults! Unsurprisingly, many nostalgic and passionate people have Pokemon tattoos depicting their favorite characters or iconic pokeball!

It would be impossible to mention all the Pokémon, also because new ones were added over the years until it reachesamazing figure 721 (not counting all the different evolutions each Pokémon can have)! However, there are some that have gone down in history, primarily very beautiful and very yellow. Pikachu, faithful companion Ash Ketchum, the guy who dreams of becoming Pokemon master (the highest level of Pokémon trainer skills). Then follow very soft Jigglypuff, which many girls fell in love with with his song, big eyes and rounded shapes! Bulbasaur This is a first generation Grass / Poison Pokémon, while Charmander, the other Generation I Pokémon was of the fire type. Squirtle it was a water type pokemon, then there was a beetle Caterpillar which in its various evolutions becomes butter free, violet-blue butterfly.

We could go on and on, because, as we said, there are indeed a lot of Pokemon, but it is clear that there is a Pokemon for every natural element and for several characteristics that classify themselves, as well as ideal items for a very personal and original tattoo... Also, don't overlook the fact that Pokémon have celebrated the childhood of many by playing cards, video games and, just as important, legendary cartoons!

Since we are nostalgic for the lost, below we will share the theme of the Pokemon cartoon: let it inspire you for a fantastic Pokemon tattoo! Gotta catch them all!

Gotta catch 'em all (Pokémon) - full acronym