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Тату сова: фото, идеи и значения

I owl tattoo Is one of the latest trends in the tattoo world. In fact, this animal has only recently become part of the most tattooed objects, as it was rarely seen on any part of the body until a few years ago.

Perhaps due to their shy nature, which is considered perhaps less ferocious than the most popular eagles, ravens, or other similar predators, owls are only now getting the attention they deserve, and now it's not hard to find images of beautifully executed tattoos depicting this very much. specific animal. .,

The meaning of the owl tattoo

In the old days, dating back to the Sumerians and Persians, this owl was closely associated with death and afterlife... Thinking about this, it is not hard to guess why: the owl lives at night, avoids interbreeding with people, but its presence in the vicinity is very noticeable thanks to the ominous sounds they emit when viewing the landscape from the trees.

In Black Africa, wizards and sorcerers regarded him as a killer animal and an ideal predator, and their strength was considered essential to the exercise of their sinister magical arts.

But these ancient beliefs aside, the owl is also a symbol Foresight because it has excellent night vision. Owl tattoo represents the ability to look into the future which has not yet shown itself. For this reason, it was a favorite animal even of medieval alchemists, who needed statues and images to follow their attempts to turn common metals into gold.

In European culture, the owl symbolizes wisdom, because he sees perfectly and lives in moments of darkness as easily as possible during the day. Lives in a hostile environment thanks tointelligence, Hello the spirit of observation, all "cunning и knowledgeunlike other birds of prey that instead make ferocity their only strength.

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Many people get an owl tattoo for dark moments in life when they feel they need a guide to help them get through dark or unpredictable moments.

Whichever style you choose, be it colorful, geometric, comic, realistic, etc., the meaning that will accompany you will make you owl tattoo will be that of Foresightthen wisdomthen knowledge, the ability to dance and move twisty even in the dark.

I owl tattoos they allow for many creative variations. A stylized owl is perfect for a feminine and very delicate tattoo. Thus, the typical mandala motifs are perfect for this piece, while the large owl eyes are perfect for tattoo in cartoon styles.

Un owl tattoo it is wonderful. It sits on the back and the result is definitely very feminine and original.

Image Source: Pinterest.com and Instagram.com

Those who want a very original owl tattoo can opt for a watercolor tattoo. This owl tattoo has not only watercolor colors but also a mandala motif and the feathers at the bottom are so reminiscent of a dream catcher. Isn't it pretty?

What can I say, this realistic owl tattoo on the arm is just Spectacular... Ideal for an original male tattoo!