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Sweet panda tattoo: photo and meaning

How can you not sympathize with these charming, huge, playful panda? Despite the fact that they are part of the bear family and therefore they pretty ferociousprobably, most of us had a desire at least once in our lives, after watching one of the many funny videos dedicated to this animal on the network, to hug a panda!

Since they are especially beloved animals, it is not difficult to come across panda tattoos. But what to do Panda Tattoo?

Since they are the largest bears in western China, they are considered a symbol of Asian culture. However, the meaning of a tattoo depicting a panda's face or body comes from Buddhist culture, in fact, it represents perfect balance between yin and yang, between good and evil, between emotionality and rationality. In Eastern culture, the panda is also considered a "lucky animal", so a panda tattoo is also a wish that you need to make for yourself. happy destiny.

Panda tattoo styles are limitless. Black and white is almost inevitable, but it is interesting to play with negative color areas, or mix black with watercolor-style colors, or decorate an object with motifs that go beyond the traditional to get closer to almost typical sugar skull colors and motifs. ...

Whichever style you prefer, and as it was said in a famous advertisement some time ago ...never say no to panda!