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Dragon tattoos: meaning and ideas for inspiration

If you are thinking about purchasing dragon tattooYou should know that the dragon not only offers many possibilities in terms of design, but is also a fantastic creature with ancient meanings that vary from culture to culture.

The meaning of the dragon tattoo

First, the word "dragon" comes from Greek and means "huge snake", the same is from Latin. dragon Depending on the culture, the dragon takes on different meanings, so it is worth focusing on an individual person. meanings attributed to dragon tattoos.

In our culture, for example, European, the dragon is one fantastic creature mostly evil that the knight must defeat in order to save his beloved princess and the like. For Christians, the dragon is almost metaphor for representing satan... However, this very negative image of the dragon is weakened by the movies, which often portray them as wild animals, but kind and brave (eg How to Train Your Dragon).

For rising sun cultures, dragons are not always negative creatures. Depending on the design they are presented with, I take different values ​​and characteristics. For example, when they are associated with water, they are associated with meditation, introspection, spirituality, and dreams. They are also associated with the power of nature and life. Since dragons are an integral part of Asian culture and art, I most common dragon tattoos they are simply made in Chinese or Japanese style. Asian culture attributes the following meanings to these tattoos: wisdom, strength, longevity, well-being and luck.

It can also happen to see oriental style tattoos with dragon and tiger or dragon and snake... According to legends, the dragon's worst enemies are the tiger and the snake. Thus, their joint presentation communicates conflict, the desire to overcome great difficulties, determination and strength. In the case of the tiger, the dragon represents overcoming difficulties not only by strength, but also by reason, while the tiger is an animal that acts impulsively and relies only on brute strength.

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