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Spider tattoo: meaning and ideas to inspire you

Covering yourself with your finger is useless: spiders like the elite. Nevertheless spider tattoo they have a very ancient and mysterious meaning, which, perhaps, could atone for the bad reputation of this terrible insect.

So, what does spider tattoo mean? As is often the case, there is no single answer to this question. The spider used to be a symbol of mystery, strength and growth. In addition, one cannot speak of spiders without mentioning the diligence with which they build their webs. A spider tattoo in fact, it can symbolize the realization that we are supporters of our destiny. But back to the meaning spider tattoo... This insect naturally has 8 legs and 8 eyes, and this feature makes the spider infinity symbol.

An interesting fact is that the spider, despite the fact that it is a small and (apparently) fragile insect, is actually a very strong animal. Just think that the most venomous and dangerous spiders are also the smallest and hardest to spot! Vatuaggio with spider may therefore symbolize 'apparent fragility, behind which, however, lies a great deal of power.

Among the Native Americans, spiders were protection symbol from floods and were associated by some tribes with the figure of a grandmother, as a protector of esoteric wisdom and a teacher.

Another very interesting interpretation comes from India. Here the spider is associated with the word "Maya", which means "formless" and "limitless." It is a term that represents the illusory nature of phenomena, and in these terms spider tattoo it may remind us how sometimes appearances can be deceiving.

The spider is also mentioned in the Islamic and Jewish religions. Some stories tell of spiders who helped religiously famous characters build webs to hide them from the evil ones. Although spiders are not considered "sacred" animals, they have a positive connotation in both religions.

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So where did this intuitive fear of spiders come from? Perhaps this spider repulsion dates back to the era of the Black Plague, when many believed that spiders were the personification of the Devil, as well as the culprit for bringing this terrible plague to Earth. Shelob, the evil spider from The Lord of the Rings trilogy, has ridden this distant faith.

While the spider represents hard work and skill in creating webs, it is also true that the spider uses it to catch and kill its prey. With this in mind, spider tattoo can symbolizeinability to avoid situations, beliefs, or limitations... No wonder I spider and web tattoos they are also very common in prisons.