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Deer, deer and elk tattoo: photo and meaning

Reindeer, stag and elk: graceful creatures have been revered since ancient times, especially in the Nordic countries. Besides illustrating some examples deer, deer and elk tattooIt is also pertinent to explore the meaning attributed to tattoos depicting this magnificent animal.

Anyone who has ever encountered a deer knows how obvious the grace and nobility that is manifested in the movements of these animals. Even people of antiquity did not escape these characteristics, so much so that different cultures over the centuries paid attention to deer and elk in order to observe their habits, inclinations and characteristics. For example, the Celts associated deer with art, precisely because of their grace. They also believed that the deer were part of the fairy kingdom, and that a trail of magical creatures followed the trail every time a deer made its way through the forest.

The Celts and Native Americans saw the power of deer to find the best edible herbs.

Un deer tattoo therefore, it can mean a desire to remember the magical world about which the Celts spoke, as well as a deep knowledge of nature and wisdom.

In China, deer and reindeer symbol of good luck and happiness... The same Chinese word for "deer" also means "abundance."

Although deer and elk have slightly different meanings, they both symbolize:

<br>• Pace

<br>• Grace

<br>• rebirth

<br>• Love

<br>• Kindness and kindness

<br>• family

<br>• intelligence

<br>• humility

<br>• Spirituality

<br>• Lungimiranza

So if you are thinking of a deer, elk or deer tattoo, you will be surprised to discover the wonderful meanings these lovely animals have acquired. In addition to deer tattooEven Bambi tattoos can be a very cute and original way to convey very positive characteristics. Just think that Bambi's father (a very majestic deer) was the Grand Duke of the Forest, defender par excellence of all the creatures that live there.

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