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Gentle hedgehog and porcupine tattoo: ideas and meaning

There are small animals that have very big meanings and symbols, as is the case with hedgehogs and porcupines! THE tattoo with hedgehogs in fact, they are not very common, but their meaning is very interesting and suitable for those looking for an animal tattoo that represents intuition, intelligence and protection.

Which means tattoo with hedgehog or porcupine? The most famous feature of the hedgehog is undoubtedly his own. ability to protect oneself under threat. Despite the gentle nature and somewhat amusing appearance, the hedgehog's protective tactics are very effective: when a predator threatens its safety, the hedgehog quickly closes in on itself, turning into a dangerous sphere covered with needles. Hedgehog tattoo therefore, it can display traits of our character such as meekness, calmness and kindnessbut also the ability (or need) to protect oneself foresight and pragmatism.

In parts of Asia and Iran, the hedgehog is a symbol of agricultural prosperity and abundance. It is also often associated with the sun and its symbols, perhaps because of the shape it takes when in a defensive position, with thorns protruding outward as if they were the sun's rays.

Romans of antiquity instead considered a hedgehog an animal symbol of cunning and intelligencebecause they noticed that he could stock up on grapes and other small fruits by rolling over them and piercing them with needles to pick them up and eat them at a second, more opportune moment.

It should also be said that the hedgehog is a nocturnal animal, so a tattoo with this animal also takes on meanings associated with the moon and night, such as intuition and dreams.

Like all animal designs tattoo with hedgehogs offer a huge range of possibilities. A very good option is to insert flowers and blades of grass instead of feathers to further emphasize the connection between this animal, its habitat and nature.

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