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Rabbit and hare tattoo: images & meaning

Rabbits and hares are generally known for two characteristics: gentleness and speed. However, these adorable animals represent so much more, so if you are thinking of a tattoo of this cute animal you should inquire rabbit or hare tattoo meanings.

As always, the meaning attributed to animals varies from culture to culture and even from age to age. However, some ancient traditions associated with the rabbit have survived to this day, such as colorful Easter eggs, which stem from the belief that Ostara, an Anglo-Saxon goddess who appeared in the form of a white rabbit, handed out colored eggs on the occasion of the holiday. spring Festival.!

In the Christian tradition, the rabbit was a symbol of good luck, so much so that it was impossible to wear a rabbit's foot. favorable and protects against bad luck.

In fact, in the beginning, when Catholicism tried to eradicate paganism in various assimilated and converted cultures, the rabbit acquired the same nefarious power as the black cat, even associating it with witchcraft and the devil. To counteract these negative aspects, the hunter needed to kill the rabbit and take his leg away from him, as a symbol of victory over evil and, therefore, "new luck".

However, it is also true that often the most interesting values ​​come from the characteristics of the animal. A rabbit, for example, is known to be a bit of a deceiver, an animal that bypasses an obstacle a little in order to Fortuna and a little bitcunning, even with Irony! Just think how typical Bugs Bunny is, a cartoon bunny who never regrets sarcasm even in difficult situations.

Other traits associated with rabbits or hares include: fertility and masculinity, due to the fact that these mammals have the ability to reproduce frequently and give numerous litters; intelligence and cunning; chastity and purity in the case of the white rabbit; lunar and lunar cycles (see also here); good luck and prosperity.

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