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Phoenix tattoo: what they mean and ideas for an original tattoo

If you are looking for a tattoo that is impressive but has a lot of value at the same time, you can probably find what you are looking for in one. phoenix tattoo... Phoenix is ​​a mythological bird that can “recycle” its own life: when it warns that its death is about to come, the phoenix literally catches fire, and then reborn from the ashes, reborn, renewed and revived more than ever. ...

Already from this assumption it is easy to guess about the first The meaning of the phoenix tattoo: rebirth, the ability to symbolically die and be reborn better and stronger than before, growth and strength of life.

According to mythology, the phoenix can live for over 1400 years before it is reborn from its own ashes, making it also an excellent symbol of longevity and strength.

What's especially interesting about phoenix tattoo, is that, since it is a mythological animal, there are many images of it.

For the Greeks, for example, the phoenix was a bird with bright plumage and bright colors. For the Egyptians, however, the phoenix was as bright as the sun, with golden and sparkling plumage.

The idea of ​​giving extra meaning to your own phoenix tattoo, we can choose colors based on the value that we want to convey the most. For example, the red-plated phoenix represents not only rebirth, but also passion, energy and creativity. The blue phoenix is ​​instead a symbol of intuition, peace and serenity.

If the idea of ​​getting a phoenix tattoo didn't excite you enough, perhaps you could consider it. double phoenix tattoo! In Chinese mythology, the two phoenixes are a symbol of perfect balance and are associated with the much more famous philosophical concept of yin and yang. Besides, tattoo with two phoenix it can be a very beautiful and original way to portray love and harmony with your partner!

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