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Black cat tattoo: meaning and ideas for inspiration

Cats are wonderful and mysterious creatures. While it's true that cat tattoos are just adorable, I black cat tattoos add a shade of dark mystery, especially right now as we get closer to Halloween.

Is there anything more majestic, elegant and sinuous than a black cat? Probably not, what then The meaning of the black cat tattoo? Beliefs and superstitions have made this cat a symbol of misery and misery. Among the Celts, black cats were not only considered evil, but even sacrificed.

In Western culture, black cats have been associated with witchcraft. This is because in the XNUMXth century, witches were often simple elderly women whose only company was one or more cats. Soon, the rampant ignorance at the time made women with a black cat, the color of mystery and magic, an ideal target for accusations of witchcraft.

So if you feel a bit like a "witch", and by a witch we mean a respectful connoisseur of nature, black cat tattoo it might be an original way to introduce you.

Again, the black cat represented death in some cultures. The chariot of the goddess Freyja, goddess of the sun and guide of the Valkyries, is said to be pulled by two black cats. In Germany, he is known as Hel and represents the death and destructiveness of winter. As guides for the goddess of death, black cats have become the very symbol of death. In Germany and Italy, it was believed (and, unfortunately, some still believe it) that if a black cat jumps onto the arms or onto the bed of a sick person, his death will be inevitable.

Therefore, it is true that many cultures at different times in history have considered black cats and their existence a disaster, but it is also true that many other cultures have revered and appreciated them!

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The Egyptians, for example, loved cats and treated them with the same respect as the gods. They believed the cat night creatureable to move in the shadows with naturalness and skill, and therefore a being from outside.

In Brittany and Japan, unlike in many European and American countries, when a black cat crosses someone's road, it is considered auspicious sign.

Again, Scottish superstition says that a black cat peeking into your home is a sign of impending prosperity.

In this way, black cat tattoo it can mean a lot: respect for nature or the night, the sensuality and elegance of each feline, or good luck. If we are a little unlucky or have been mistreated as a black cat for too many centuries and too many people, maybe black cat tattoo this is what it takes to remind us that our value and beauty do not depend on the judgment of others at all.