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Turtle tattoo: inspirational ideas and meaning

From America to Japan, turtles have always had countless legends and meanings throughout history, often associated with the creation of the world. So, if you are thinking about purchasing turtle tattoo, you'll be glad to know that besides being a very beautiful design that lends itself to a very specific design, it also makes sense!

What is the meaning of a turtle tattoo? As we said, more or less all cultures, from west to east, have focused on this animal. soft, elegant and peaceful... The American Indians, for example, considered the turtle to be a deity that transports mud from the seabed to the surface, thereby creating continents. The strong connection between the sea and the concept of mother nature makes the turtle a suitable subject for tattoos that represent femininity and lunar cycles. An ancient belief says that the turtle is the animal on which the world rests, and this role certainly requires stability and strength.

However, for us, the inhabitants of the old continent, the turtle is easily associated with the famous fable of Oedipus "The Turtle and the Hare", in which this reptile is depicted symbol of wisdom and a representative power of intelligence against force. This is not the only story in which turtles are perceived in this way; in many other African and Greek stories, turtles are portrayed as wise. patient and smart.

Also, let's not forget that turtles live a very, very long time, so a turtle tattoo can be a good omen for a long and prosperous life... Another feature of turtles is that although they are a little clumsy and slow on land, sea turtles are adorable looking. graceful and elegant in water. From birth, turtles are tested and must earn a living, surviving predators wait for their eggs to hatch and struggle to reach the sea. This difficult introduction to life makes turtles one symbol of strength, perseverance and innocence.

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The styles a turtle can be tattooed with are (as always) endless, but among the most common we find Maori style tattoosthat were and are still used for tattoos of marine animals with typical tribal motifs with sharp and sinuous lines; the Celtic style, which uses a kind of braided ribbon to form the shape of a turtle; Basic black silhouettes for subtle and small tattoos, or with splashes of color in a watercolor style for a colorful and modern effect; finally, realistic style tattoos that almost photographically reproduce a turtle immersed in its aquatic context.