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Funny tattoos with minions

It is a worldwide phenomenon so powerful that they made their own film in 2015. Let's talk about Minions, of course! These little yellow and funny characters were huge success, and thanks to the many customization options they offer, many decided to make Tattoo minion!

Ma what are minions? Minions are creatures descended from single-celled organisms whose purpose is to serve the worst host in the world! For this reason, since prehistoric times, they have put themselves at the service of evil itself: tyrannosaurus, caveman, evil pharaoh and even Count Dracula. Needless to say, given their promiscuous nature, these bad guys never do well!

Therefore, minion tattoos are suitable for those who want a fun and pretty tattoo, for those who might be feeling a little bad and feel like they need these proven (but very clumsy) helpers. Of course, crossbreeding with other films like Minion Elsa, Minion Darth Vader, Minion Superman and so on cannot be missed.