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Sweet tattoos inspired by Lilo and Stitch: photos and meaning

Lilo & Stitch is perhaps one of the most touching Disney cartoons. The story of the friendship between little Lilo and the funny (but very smart) alien creature Stitch left us with one of the most beautiful quotes in the history of animation:"Ohana means family, family means no one is abandoned or forgotten.".

Therefore, given the beauty of this cartoon, the wonderful character designs and the exotic setting in which various events take place, it is not surprising that tattoos inspired by Lilo and Stitch.

In addition to the image of Stitch, which is undoubtedly very beautiful, but more demanding from an aesthetic point of view, there are more restrained tattoos that relate to the word itself. "Ohana"... This Hawaiian word actually means “family“A term that includes not only the relationship between blood relatives, but also a very close emotional relationship that ultimately has the same force as a true family relationship. Have you ever said to a friend or friend, "Are you like a brother / sister?" If so, then you are living the meaning of the word "ohana."

Un dad with Lilo and Stitch therefore it is perfect to celebrate love for a family, a specific member, or special friends!