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Polynesian tattoos: photos, ideas, ideas and meaning

I Polynesian tattooswith their animal plots, sinuous and harmonious motives, since ancient times they have a very important cultural significance for Polynesian cultures.

Let's explore together what is the history of this fascinating style and the meaning of some of the most popular items.

The meaning of Polynesian tattoos

The history of tattooing is very ancient and often distant cultures shared the same beliefs regarding this art.

In Polynesian culture, as in other cultures, tattooing was often used to celebrate the rite of passage, for example, from childhood to adulthood. Young Polynesian boys look forward to the day they get a tattoo as a sign of achievement maturity.

Polynesian motives are created in such a way that over time they can be enriched with new designs, often on the occasion of some important event in life, such as marriage, childbirth, special success... Even women who are faithful to local traditions get tattoos on their bodies, albeit with more sinuous and restrained motives than men. A tattooed woman is a woman desirable and fertile... A tattooed man counts too courageous and brave.

Among the most commonly used items for i Polynesian tattoo there are elements of nature here, and given the breathtaking nature of the Polynesian landscapes, local artists are certainly not devoid of inspiration!

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Il The meaning of Polynesian tattoos therefore, it is closely related to the nature and social position of man in the community. In addition to this the meaning of the Polynesian tattoo it also varies according to the choice of design.

The turtle, for example, is often seen in Polynesian art, and as we said with turtle tattoos, even Polynesian ones have to do with tattoos. longevity, wisdom, fertility and harmony.

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Turtle shells or shells, other very common items when it comes to Polynesian tattoos, they represent protection and closeness... In fact, this is not accidentalatuaggi with seashells they are made for a wedding or to celebrate the love of a couple.