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Lioness Tattoo Ideas


We have always known that the lion is the king of the savannah. However, nature teaches us that the "kingdom of the lion" would be very small without lionesses. If you are looking for lioness tattoo ideas Perhaps you already know how majestic, ferocious and defensive this animal is. However, there are many beautiful meanings that can be associated with a lioness tattoo, and if you're curious to discover them, you've come to the right place: you just have to keep reading.

Lionesses, queens of the savannah

In general, lions are one of the few representatives of the feline family that live in flocks. The social structure of a pride of lions requires that lions and lionesses play different but complementary roles. The Lionesses are faced with one of the most important tasks for the survival of the flock, namely: hunt... Working as a group, lionesses surround their prey and feed the entire flock, including male lions and cubs.

Besides being an experienced hunter, the lioness is also a very caring mother to his puppies. In fact, it happens that some male lions try to kill the cubs in order not to compete in the future as an alpha male or to exterminate the offspring of a rival. In such cases, the lioness can fight the lion. risk your life to protect your young.

Unlike male lions, who can break away from a pride and join another pride, lionesses are much less likely to welcome new females to their group. A lioness who is hunted from the herd is unlikely to be able to find another, and she will have to put up with a nomadic life, a hard life, but not impossible for such an animal. skillful and tenacious.

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Lioness tattoo meaning

Huntress, capable and caring mother... A lioness tattoo can be a very cool and original choice for everyone. represent motherhood.

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The lioness is also a symbol of independence and creativity: she lives better in the herd, but she can do without it. Where there is prey, he knows how to create and implement a strategy to capture it.

In this sense, a lioness tattoo could represent an indomitable, creative, proud and independent character.