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Adorable seahorse tattoos: photo and meaning

Have you ever been lucky enough to see a seahorse? This shy, colorful and slightly funny creature that prefers to cling to the coral-rich seas is often chosen for preparing delicious meals. seahorse tattoos... This is because seahorses are not only cute, but they also have many positive meanings. Let's find out together!

What is the meaning of a seahorse tattoo?

The seahorse, like most animals, owes much of its value to ancient cultures and legends. The Greeks, for example, considered the seahorse a creature symbol of the sea god Poseidon, and, therefore, personified strength and power. Ancient European peoples believed that seahorses carried the souls of sailors into the afterlife, giving them protection on their last journey. On the other hand, for the Chinese, the horse was something of a sea dragon, and for this reason, he showed reverence for his strength and abilities. bring good luck to everyone who met them.

Instead, other meanings refer to the "character" of this aquatic animal. Their soft temperament and calm movement in the water make you think about patience, contentment и no worries... We can also say that, unlike many of their aquatic neighbors, they have not undergone noticeable physical changes over the past millennia: as if they had completely changed. happy with how they and where are they from, teaching us a pretty valuable lesson!

Along with this resistance to change and a relaxed attitude towards progress, there are also aspects such as stubbornness and inflexibility... For example, when the sea becomes rough and the currents intensify, the seahorse uses its tail to anchor itself firmly on rock or coral. Figuratively speaking, a tattoo with a seahorse personifies in this sense the perseverance and perseverance with which a person becomes attached to a goal, project or dream.

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Another interesting aspect of this animal is its Outlook... In fact, seahorses have very keen eyesight, able to move independently. Thus, in a symbolic sense, the seahorse personifies the ability to be far-sighted, attentive to our surroundings, it reminds us that when the situation gets cloudy, all we have to do is get attached to something solid and take a close look around, get a new perspective on things.