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Очаровательные тату Дисней Микки Маус

If I asked you, "What is a typical Disney character?" what would you answer? Probably, many would immediately think about Mickey Mouse, one of the first characters invented by Walt Disney, who over the years has become a real icon of comics and cartoons.

I Mickey Mouse tattoos among most favorite Disney tattoos: It's a great idea to pay tribute to childhood! But one aspect that makes Mickey Mouse tattoos even more popular is that they are perfect for couple tattoo... The love between Mickey and Mickey (or Minnie) is actually the sweetest and most recognizable thing in the world!

But let's talk a little about the Mickey Mouse character: he is brave, curious, sometimes a little pedantic (let's face it), romantic, loyal to friends. So a Mickey Mouse tattoo might also be a good idea to pay tribute to a particularly deep friendship, in fact, tattoos between friends with a stylized Mickey head profile are not unusual!

VIP who has Mickey Mouse tattoo? They talk a lot about Chiara Ferrani, who has Mickey Mouse tattooed on his wrist. An example of how Mickey Mouse Tattoo Individualization and originality are possible!