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Delicate tattoos inspired by Bambi

Bambi Perhaps this is one of the Disney cartoons that caused the largest cascade of tears in history. His story, told by Disney on screen in 1942, but conceived by Austrian writer Felix Salten, tells of deer the white-tailed and his friends: Thumper, a cute pink-nosed rabbit, Fiore (a skunk) and Falina, a fawn who later becomes Bambi's companion.

Like all Disney tattoos, Bambi inspired tattoos they can obviously be a tribute to a story or a cartoon, but they can also be a reference to common events with those that happened to the main character. A tattoo with Bambi for example, it can symbolize loss of a loved one.

Let's face it, the moment Bambi loses his mom is heartbreaking.

But not only that: Bambi is also called "Principino", because one day he will inherit from his father, the Grand Duke of the Forest, the position defender of the forest... Like deer tattoos, Bambi tattoos can also represent kindness, grace and foresightbut in this case a tattoo inspired by Bambi also represents a love of nature and protection.

Bambi also has a very tender love story with Falina. Falina is a very important character in Bambi's story: Walt wanted his eyes, the most realistic in the entire film, to convey the same intelligence and simplicity with which Falina answers many of Bambi's questions. A the Bambi and Falin tattoo thus can represent a great love story., or a person who lovingly guided us in the right direction.

Last but not least, there is tattoos inspired by Thumper and Flower, Bambi's friends. Tamburino very cute rabbit with a pink nose, very lively and reckless. Much less smart than Bambi, he struggles to guide him after he lost his mom. Flower instead, it is a very shy male skunk, part of a very funny joke in which Bambi learns the words indiscriminately calls the butterfly and the skunk "Flower."

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Un Thumper inspired tattoo, it can symbolize part of our character, or it can be a dedication to a person who has been a mentor in our life. A Flower tattoo instead, he personifies shyness, tenderness, and honesty.