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Delicate dragonfly tattoo: photo and meaning

Dragonflies: Unfortunately, there are not many dragonflies in the city, but you just have to step back a little and head to a place with water, be it a sea or a lake, to see them. These creatures are very lightweight and vary in size. Their colors vary greatly, from blue to green to red, and it is great to see them fly over the water. Given these characteristics, it is not unusual to see gods. dragonfly tattoo.

What is the meaning of dragonfly tattoos? Dragonfly tattoos take their meaning largely from Asian and Native American cultures. Like many winged animals, the dragonfly also represents change, freedom, foresight... The wings of dragonflies really know how to catch the slightest change in the wind, and this allows them to give early warning of rain or storm.

But that is not all. To be animals that live by the water and therefore also represent the subconscious, thoughts, dreams. In addition, dragonflies are beautiful but have a short lifespan, and in the case of a tattoo, this could meanthe importance of living your life to the fullest... Being terrestrial insects that only live in the immediate vicinity of water, dragonflies also represent the connection between earth and water, in a spiritual sense, the union between intangible thoughts (water) and the materiality of the world (earth). In short, dragonflies teach us that we should never stay on the surface, but rather explore, go further, into the depths of our thinking.

There is also a saying about dragonflies, according to which a dragonfly placed on the skin is a visit from a lost love.