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Round tattoos, what they mean and images

Of all the geometric tattoos, perhaps circle tattoo they are the simplest and most important, but at the same time the richest in meaning. It is for its simplicity. The circle is an ancient geometric figure used since prehistoric times and for a reason: the main celestial bodies are circular in shape, as well as the irises and pupils of the person standing in front of us. However, over the centuries, the circle has almost unanimously been a symbol of the predominantly whole, the globality of things, infinity and belonging to a single universe.

Il The meaning of the circle tattoo it can vary depending on various factors, such as the culture we come from, the circumstances we go through, or the personal interpretation of this figure. One of the most common meanings of a circle is rhythm... In fact, a circle is a continuous line that can be drawn infinitely in a circle. With this in mind, circle tattoo symbolizes the cyclical nature of life and his events, or feelings infinity.

Very often, among some ancient peoples of North America, the circle was a symbol of the sun, the moon and its daughters (stars). However, the American Indians have always attached great importance to natural elements, so even the circle, a symbol of heavenly bodies, was also representative of energy and spirituality.

For the Celts, the circle was a symbol of protection as well as space and the inexorable passage of time.

In Chinese symbolism circle is the shape of the sky and the earth is marked with a square inside it. In some works you can see the use of a circle and a square as metaphor of the union of heaven and earth, unearthly and earthly.

As we said at the beginning, I circle tattoo they also represent the unionbeing included in something. Think, for example, of how you were taught to represent sets in school: everything that entered the circle was part of the whole, belonged to it. A circle tattoo therefore, it can be an original way to express a sense of belonging to something or someone, or, through an empty or half-open circle, to indicate the absence of this connection.

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