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Colorful tattoos based on the movie Finding Nemo

Oscar winner in 2004 for Best Animated Feature Finding Nemo is one of those Disney cartoons that you immediately get attached to! The plot and characters have made many fans all over the world fall in love, both young and old, so it's no surprise that even so, the packs are countless. Finding Nemo inspired tattoos.

For those who haven't seen him yet, Finding Nemo tells the story of a little clownfish named Nemo, who was accidentally grabbed and carried away by his father Marlin, who will do everything to find him and bring him home. During his travels in the Pacific Ocean, Marlene will meet many characters, the funniest of which is undoubtedly sunflower, a completely dazed and forgetful surgeon fish. Being a really good character, but very helpful to Marlin, there are also many fans who make gods. Dory tattoo.

During this adventure, Nemo also makes very interesting acquaintances! For example, in one of the episodes of the film, Nemo is sold and placed in the aquarium of a dental office. Here he meets Brancia, a Moorish idol with a strong character, who, like Nemo, has an atrophic fin. Brancia is an important character for Nemo because he teaches himthe importance of self-manufacturing, despite the difficulties.