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Beautiful hummingbird tattoo: meaning and photo


These are unusually small and light birds, but extraordinary at the same time: humming bird they are the only ones who can fly backwards, and they manage to soar in the air, flapping their wings at a rate of 25 blows per second! In addition, hummingbirds have very colorful plumage with bright and sometimes iridescent colors. These characteristics make the hummingbird a very energetic and cheerful animal! Therefore, it should come as no surprise that hummingbirds are the theme of choice for many tattoo designs!

Hummingbird tattoo in fact, they are now part of the "classics" of tattooing, especially among the female audience. So if you are thinking about hummingbird tattoo too, you will be pleased to know that their meaning is full of surprises too. Let's see what meaning is attributed to this cute little bird.

The meaning of the hummingbird tattoo

First of all, it is useful to know that hummingbirds have been symbol of prosperity and life... For example, the Aztecs carved hummingbird-shaped talismans and totems so that the person wearing the item would have extra energy, from the bedroom to the battlefield! But that's not all: in English, hummingbirds are also called "Bird of Love" and this is no coincidence: hummingbird symbolizes joy and love, the animal is chosen as the representative of Jamaica and is a recognized icon of the Caribbean.

An ancient legend told by Native Americans tells how hummingbirds were born: they are said to have been created by a crow, starting with bright flowers that blossomed in the spring. After that, he gave these creatures the ability to fly and soar, like "rays of the sun through the foliage of trees." Filled with gratitude, hummingbirds went from flower to flower, thanking them for their grace and beauty, demonstrating how cute and witty little but energetic hummingbirds are.

In addition to the values ​​we have already talked about, for example, vitality and love, a hummingbird tattoo can have other meanings, for example renewal, loyalty, free spirit and playfully and finally passion.

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Hummingbird tattoo styles

The variations of hummingbird tattoo are endless as always. With its typically colorful and lively plumage, hummingbirds are the perfect subject for a colorful tattoo, but there's nothing stopping you from getting a more subdued tattoo with a design depicting only the silhouette of the animal.