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Freehand calligraphic tattoos: photos, ideas, ideas

We all have a quote from a book or movie, a message or a phrase of the heart that we carry with us all our lives, and therefore many decide to get a tattoo with her image. There is a wide range of calligraphy styles to choose from, but the one that best reflects the subjectivity and value of the tattoo is definitely freehand calligraphy.

hand tattoo calligraphy they are especially beautiful because they can be real messages engraved on the skin by someone we love: some handwritten tattoos these are phrases left to loved ones before death, others are signatures or dedications of children whom the father or mother decided to tattoo, using precisely the distorted calligraphy typical of children.

Hand lettering tattoos are ideal if you are looking for an extremely unique and original tattoo. In fact, each of us has our own calligraphy, a kind of distinctive mark, and, as you know, our writing style reveals its character in many ways.