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Images and meaning of tiger tattoo


Of all the animals, perhaps the tiger is one of the most impressive: it is as majestic and elegant as it is dangerous. Given the beauty of this feline and its popularity around the world, many people choose the tiger for their tattoos. Tiger tattoo in fact, they come in different styles, suitable for different points of the body and with different meanings, depending on the cultures, the historical moment and the personal perception associated with this animal.

What is the meaning of a tiger tattoo?

As we said, a lot depends on the culture and the place where we are. The Chinese and Japanese perceptions of the tiger are actually very different from those in the West. If for us, in fact, the lion is the undisputed king of the forest, then in the East, instead of the Tiger, he bears this legendary title. For Asian countries, the tiger is a very important animal that it represents. royalty and nobility, not only because of his strength, but also because nature itself puts him in the position of "the leader of all animals." With these characteristics, the tiger in China is also a symbol strength, energy, elegance and unpredictability.

In addition, according to the eastern tradition, there are different types of tigers, each of which has its own meanings, which are useful to know a priori if you are going to get a tiger tattoo. In particular, these are:

• White tiger: this rare and often considered mythological animal, in fact it exists and is called the Siberian tiger. This majestic feline epitomizes autumn and cool metallic elements.

• Black Tiger: In this shadow, the tiger represents winter and water, but be careful. For Eastern culture, winter means death, and water means life.

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• Blue Tiger: it is obvious that it does not exist in nature, but by tradition it symbolizes spring, fertility and vitality.

• Red tiger: represents summer, clean energy, fire. Thus, if mishandled, it can also be harmful.

• Yellow or orange tiger: This is a classic tiger in the tradition, personifying the sun. She is the leader of animals, the undisputed queen of nature, both in reality and in myth.

More generally, the tiger is also a symbol luck, wealth and prosperity. Consequently, this is an animal with predominantly positive characteristics, a tattoo that carries an important baggage rich in tradition.

Tiger Tattoo Styles

THE tiger tattoo styles they are endless. A "Classic" tattoo this is the one borrowed from oriental paintings, with tigers with bulging jaws, sinuous, sitting on rocks or surrounded by shiny bamboo leaves. A very modern version could be watercolor style, which makes the drawing itself more complex, light and dynamic. On the other hand, the portraits are very captivating, their realistic style gives the impression that the tiger can come to life and come to life from the skin at any time.