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The intriguing meaning of raven tattoos

It might be because of its black plumage or because of its use in movies, but the crow is an animal that fascinates me a lot. THE crow tattoos they should not be taken lightly: this bird has been the protagonist of various legends and literary tales since ancient times, and its symbolism is truly special and rich.

What is the meaning of raven tattoos? Above all, its jet-black plumage, ominous croaking and carrion-based diet made the crow a particularly suitable animal for myth and legend. It goes without saying that due to the characteristics mentioned above, the crow is often associated with death and soul. To give a few examples, it is quite common in Sweden that crows are the ghosts of people who have been killed. However, every culture has its own concept of crows, so let's look at the different ones together. crow tattoo meaning for different cultures.

In Greek mythology, crows are associated with the god Apollo, the god of prophecy. They were also symbols of good fortune and messengers of the gods in the mortal world. According to mythology, Apollo sent a white raven to spy on his beloved Koronis. The crow, however, returned with bad news because Coronis was not faithful and Apollo, in anger, punished the crow by burning his feathers. It is said that it is for this reason that crows today are black as coal.

With this in mind, crow tattoo it can symbolize foresight or a desire to keep in touch with a loved one who has died. On the other hand, however, black crow tattoo he can represent innocence and loyalty.

Among the Germanic peoples, the god Odin was often associated with ravens. In Norse mythology, Odin is depicted along with two ravens, Huginn and Munin, who serve as the eyes and ears of the god, respectively. But I also like his thoughts and his memory. In addition, every day, two crows fly around the kingdom and carry news and messages to Odin.

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Carrion-eating ravens are associated in many cultures with waras is the case with the Celtic tradition. A black crow tattoo Inspired by Celtic culture, he could represent a courageous, passionate and warlike spirit.

Even for American Indians, the raven plays an extremely prestigious role. In fact, for many Indian tribes, the crow is a mythological creature inthe origin of the creation of the world... However, he is also described as an animal of sophisticated intelligence and cunning. Really, crow tattoo inspired by Native American legends he could personify a generous, selfless and intelligent character, but at the same time cunning, discernment and discernment.

Un crow tattoo Thus, it can have many meanings, more or less ancient, which can make it a special, unique and deep tattoo. Obviously, everyone can give their own meaning to their own crow tattooHowever, since it is a creature that is so closely watched and admired by people and cultures around the world and in all ages, discovering all the symbols born around this animal can make the tattoo even more original and important.