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The great significance of elephant tattoos


With their 8 tons of weight, elephants are the most impressive and strongest mammals on the planet. Despite being big and big, however, it is undeniable that elephants are creatures that inspire tenderness and sympathy, especially as puppies! It is therefore not surprising that many are tempted to tattoo an elephant, also because despite the mammoth size, elephant tattoos they may actually be very small.

The meaning of elephant tattoos

While having the opportunity to create beautiful works of art, the meaning of elephant tattoos it goes far beyond pure aesthetic beauty.

Many who have chosen the elephant for a tattoo consider it a symbol of their connection with Mother Nature, due to the bouquet of characteristics associated with this beautiful animal. Let's see together and one at a time, the main ones meanings of elephant tattoos.

1. Strength and Peace

Although massive and extremely strong, the elephant has amild and calm dispositionunless provoked or feels endangered. It therefore symbolizes a great force, dominated however by peace.

2. Luck, wisdom and communication

For Hindus, the elephant is a highly regarded symbol of success, so much so that the Hindu god of success is Ganesha, a man with an elephant's head. Hindus believe that Ganesha works in the service of kindhearted and well-meaning people to help them succeed by pushing obstacles in their path and equipping them with a Good luck. Ganesha however is also the god of science and art, a god of great wisdom and discernment. In alchemy, the elephant is the trade symbol and communication.

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3. Family and protection

Elephants are a lot protective and loyal towards members of their pack. The formation with which they move from one place to another allows to keep puppies and weak elements in the center of the group and sheltered from predators, while the stronger elements of the herd cover the perimeter. In particular, it is the elephants who make herd to raise the cubs in peace, reaching up to 400 members, while the male elephants roam alone.

4. Fertility

In some cultures, an elephant tattoo is considered a symbol of fertility. In fact, when in heat, elephants tend to become quite agitated and easily irascible: a condition of strong passionate stress that is associated with the tension that precedes the human sexual act.

5. Patience, Devotion and Chastity

According to Aristotle, the elephant is a good example of chastity, because during the very long gestation of the female, the elephant's companion refrains from mating. This symbolizes, in addition to the chastity, patience and deep devotion that there must be a relationship.

6. Creation and Longevity

In some cultures it is said that the elephant has an important role in the creation of the world and that it even rests on the back of an elephant. Furthermore, elephants live extraordinarily long and for this reason the Romans thought that they were legendary animals, symbol of immortality and harmony with nature.

7. Buddhism - The elephant is an important animal for Buddhists. Buddha used the rare white elephant for his incarnations and for this, the white elephant is considered the most sacred of all elephants. It is also said that Buddha's mother dreamed of an elephant entering her belly, making the elephant a symbol of fertility and wisdom.

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In addition to these meanings, which not everyone is aware of, elephant tattoos they can mean nobility, determination, a steely memory and compassion.