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Toy Story Tattoo Ideas


24 years after the release of the first chapter, Toy Story 4 is finally out in June!

This cartoon has completely conquered a special space in the hearts of small and large audiences and, as is often the case with cinematic successes, there are always loads of ideas for unique and original tattoos.

If you are interested to know Toy story inspired tattoo ideas (and their possible meanings), you just have to keep reading!

Toy Story Tattoo Ideas

If you're looking for a unique, fun, cuddly, and possibly tattoo to share with someone special, Toy Story tattoos are a really good choice.

Besides the most famous protagonists of this story, such as Woody and Buzz Lightyear, there are many characters who, as toys, possess an aesthetics reminiscent of colorful and carefree childhood... Just think of Mr. Potato, who has a love story with Mrs. Potato, the always attentive piggy bank of Hamm, the cheerful Rex and many others.

The meaning of a tattoo inspired by toy history

Anyone who knows the plot of Toy Story knows that the main theme of this cartoon isfriendship... The friendship between Woody and Andy, between Woody and Buzz, the general friendship that exists between Andy's toys, and so on.

A toy-inspired tattoo is a great idea if you're looking for friendship tattoo!

In addition to the homage tattoo depicting characters already representing pure and unconditional friendship, there are also those who prefer to tattoo a quote from Toy Story. One of the most famous and which immediately comes to mind with the simple title Toy Story is "You made a friend in me"which is the title of the song that was the soundtrack for the first toy story in 1995.

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If you, like me, are a fan of this cartoon, I already know that you came up with this wonderful song, so here is a quick link to listen to it again:

Another famous phrase that lends itself to the "Toy Story" tattoo: "To infinity and beyond." You might think this is not just a phrase about friendship, but it is not.

This line, which Buzz Lightyear repeats countless times throughout the first film, symbolizes the friendship between Buzz and Woody!

In any case, "towards infinity and not only" is also a beautiful tattoo for couples or between friends, this is a desire-promise for the joint achievement of great goals.

For those who have not yet seen Toy Story 4 (and if you haven't even seen the previous toy stories, shame on you! Get it now!) here is the trailer:

Toy Story 4 - New Trailer with official Italian voices