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Group tattoos: original ideas and meaning - Tattoomuse.it

It was very fashionable 10-15 years ago, I band tattoo they are also experiencing a moment of growing popularity! An example was Dybala, who with his double arm tattoo inspired a huge number of fans! By bandage tattoos, we mean tattoos that, like bracelets, wrap a part of the body, most often for obvious practical reasons - a limb. In addition to being easily hidden under clothing, they can be more or less subtle to create a discreet effect, or decorated in very original versions: flowers, landscapes made using the pointillism technique, arrows, brush strokes, etc.

The meaning of group tattoos

Despite the fact that this is a very simple and neat tattoo, group tattoos have a number of meanings that are useful to know before you receive it. For example, a black belt worn on an arm is usually a symbol of mourning, just like the traditional black cloth belt. Such a tattoo, being permanent, represents eternal mourning and a constant reminder of a lost person.

Un barbed wire tattoo instead it refers to Christianity and the suffering of Christ, which also means faith, hope and salvation... The branch of a cherry tree that surrounds an arm or leg is a symbol of femininity, love and courage according to Chinese culture, pride in Hawaiian and the transience of Japanese life.

In particular, ribbon tattoos with flowers can have very different meanings, depending on the chosen flower and its color. To get an idea of ​​this it would be helpful to have a look at The meaning of a rose tattoo e lotus flower tattoo e blooming cherry.

Group tattoos also have extensive tribal origins, as even Native Americans, Aztecs, Celts, and Hawaiian tribes used this type of tattoo, apparently in a variety of decorative and aesthetic inclinations.

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