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Proud tattoos inspired by Mulan


Of all Disney cartoon charactersMulan is undoubtedly one of the hardest. Mulan is far from a typical princess waiting for a charming prince, she is a girl who avoids the conventions of her time and, risking her life, saves not only her father, but all of China.

A character like Mulan clearly deserves some cool tattoos, here are a few!

History of the mulan

The 1998 Disney cartoon tells the story of Mulan, a Chinese woman who lived during the Sui Dynasty who disguises herself as a man and enlists in the army to save her father from the war with the formidable Shan Yu army. its place.

This may seem simple, but it should be borne in mind that in Mulan's time dressing and pretending to be a man was a crime for which a woman paid with death.

In fact, girls had to reach marriageable age and become good housewives, submissive, capable and restrained.

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Is Mulan's story true?

The Disney cartoon is inspired by a Chinese legend called The Ballad of Mulan. Since this is an ancient legend, it is unclear if Mulan's story is true. I like to think that it is.

His "original" version differs from Disney's mainly in the finale: at the end of the war, Mulan returns home to announce his marriage to Captain Li Shan to his father, but regretfully discovers that his father died during his absence. Due to remorse, Mulan decides to commit suicide.

Tattoo in Mulan style

A Mulan-inspired tattoo can be a very original way to represent feminine strength, determination, family love, or in other words ... glorify the warrior in each of us!

Another item that, besides Mulan, would be nice to get a tattoo, is the little dragon Mushu, the "talking cricket" and the guiding spirit of the protagonist: a caring and awkward caretaker that would be convenient for everyone to have with you.

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The Disney cartoon is undoubtedly a timeless classic. However, there will be live action soon, which I honestly can't wait to see! For those who missed, here's the trailer: