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Enchanting swan tattoos: photo and meaning - Tattoomuse.it

A symbol of grace and beauty, the swan is an animal whose existence is closely related to water. However, it is also capable of flying and cannot do without a beach on which to sit and lay its eggs. A swan tattoo it contains many meanings associated with both its nature and other symbols entrusted to it over the centuries.

If you are thinking of getting a tattoo with this animal, then you will be surprised to find out everything. meanings of swan tattoos. Let's see them together.

Swan and water: in tattoos, water takes on meanings that are related to our inner being, spirituality, creativity and emotionality within each of us. As we said at the beginning, a swan lives most of its existence right on the water, and from this point of view, it becomes a kind of guide, a performance, gracefully floating in our deepest thoughts and dreams.

Swan and three Aristotelian elements: the swan with extraordinary grace dwells in the three Aristotelian elements, such as water, earth and air. In this sense, the swan becomes a symbol of balance and gorgeous elegance.

Swan as a symbol of union: Swans form pairs that can last for years and often remain inseparable for life. Thus, a swan that glides easily over the “waters” of our mind can represent a strong sentimental relationship with someone or striking a balance with oneself or with another person.

Swan as a cultural symbol: Many historical and religious cultures have attributed different meanings to the swan. V hindus for example, in Саундарья Лахари (Waves of beauty) it speaks of two swans (Hama and Sa), who unite, floating in the divine mind and "eating the honey that flows from the lotus of knowledge." Certainly a very poetic vision!

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for Celts instead, the swan was a symbol of movement and change. The Celts, being great observers of nature, understood that the swan is by no means a sedentary animal. Consequently, the Celts associated swans with the volatility of mood and love typical of humans. The Celts also made the swan an animal of the sun, which represents the glory of light and birth of a new day.

Celtic art also sometimes depicts swans with gold (symbol of the sun) and silver (symbol of the moon) chains around their necks, symbolizing divine power and the descent of the gods among humans. With this in mind, the swan becomes a wonderful and graceful combination of the divine and the earthly.

Il The meaning of the swan tattoo however, it also has to do with the color chosen for his pens. V White Swan for example, it may mean the need to cleanse our lives of disturbing elements, of what makes us unhappy. V black swan instead, it represents the mysterious side of our being, some hidden characteristics that we would like to make visible to everyone, such as unspoken creativity.

Other meanings attributed to swan tattoo they are:

  • Beauty
  • Elegance and grace
  • purity
  • Balance
  • Attachment to someone or something
  • transformation