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Disney Lion King inspired tattoos

There are cartoons that not only create a story, but also remain in the heart, and their message accompanies us into adulthood. The Disney Lion King is undoubtedly one of them! THE Disney Lion King inspired tattoos They are a real homage to one of the most beloved cartoons and can be a good occasion to remind us of very important concepts such as friendship, leaving the past behind and so much more!

But let's take a step back: The Lion King was born in 1994 based on the works of Shakespeare. hamlet e tells the story of Simba, a little lion that grows up one day will have to take the place of his father Mufasa as king of the savannah. However, King Mufasa has a jealous brother named Scar, who would like to usurp the throne, plotting, together with a pack of evil hyenas, to kill Simba and Mufasa, but managed to kill only the latter. Simba will demand his father and must stop his uncle from conquering the Packlands.

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Orphaned by father (edition: Liters and liters of tears have been shed all over the world because of Mufasa's death.) Simba will grow up with a great sense of loss and not knowing that it was his uncle Scar who killed him, but rather took the blame for his death. ... A fundamental role in helping Simba grow is played by his friends Timon and Pumbaa (meerkat and warthog), who welcome him "into the family" under the bannerHakuna Matata, live without thoughts. THE tattoo with hakuna matata they are especially common because, after all, we all sometimes have to make an effort to remind ourselves that life can sometimes be more carefree and easier.

The young lioness Nala is another key character for Simba, as she will ask him to return to the lion community to take his place as king instead of Scar, who turned the Countries of the Pack dark and dark. sad place.

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Not sure if he possesses the qualities necessary to be a king, Simba at first refuses to return ... and here comes the mythical Rafiki ("Rafiki" in Swahili means friend "), a baboon, a former advisor to Mufasa, who makes him think about the importance of learning from the past, however painful it may be.

More or less everyone knows the rest of the story, but this summary is helpful in understanding what basic meanings, other than personal ones, can have Disney The Lion King inspired tattoo he could.

Un Lion King Tattoo it can be a tribute to the friendship of those people who have helped us overcome difficult times or uncertainties in our lives. Due to this tattoo based on Disney's The Lion King this might be a very good idea for best friends tattoo or best friends.

Nevertheless, tattoos with Hakuna Matata remind us to pamper ourselves a little carelessness.

Or tattoo with the inscription "Remember who you are", a phrase that Mufasa's spirit says to Simba to remind him that he is a prince and that he belongs among other lions. Likewise, we must always remind us who we areto find a lost path or willpower weakened by difficulty.

Since August 2019, an adaptation of the favorite Disney cartoon has been released. In addition to the great soundtrack (Beyoncé's hand is also there), I already know that I am overwhelmed with emotions and that the Lion King style tattoos can gain new popularity.

In case you missed it, here's the trailer:

The Lion King | Official Trailer