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Wonderful peacock tattoo - photo and meaning

Colored or white, graceful, graceful and, you know, conceited: i peacocks... With an iridescent blue-green plumage, this bird is a subject that lends itself to creating spectacular, bright and thick, large tattoos.

Il The meaning of the peacock tattoo however, this goes far beyond the usual concepts of beauty e vanity... Much depends on the culture you want to relate to, in fact, for example, for Chinese culture, the peacock is a symbol royal family, nobility... In fact, it was okay to see members of the Chinese royal house or army officers confirm their status by adding a peacock feather to their headdress.

For Buddhists, the peacock symbolizes mercy. dea Kuan-Yin, and the "eyes" on the feathers of this bird are associated with Foresight и vigilance, but very often also with self control your emotions. A similar concept is shared by Catholics, who attach equal values ​​(foresight, vigilance and clairvoyance) to God, Madonna and Spirit.

On the contrary, in esoteric Christianity, the peacock personifies resurrection, rebirth e immortality, the concepts are also common to phoenix... In other cultures, such as Greco-Roman, the peacock meant not only beauty and royalty, but also sunlight, well-being, radiance and vigor.

This photo gallery illustrates some of the most striking peacock tattoos that can be found on the web. Colored, black and white, in combination with flowers or letters, tattoos depicting peacocks, as well as peacocks themselves (real), are pleasing to the eye!