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Wonderful flamingo tattoo - photo and meaning

They are graceful, they have long legs, a hooked beak and a very thin neck: who can they be if not flamingo?

Once upon a time, we would say that flamingos are not exactly a popular bird. However, today we can safely say that this is the "new unicorn": it is super fashionable!

I flamingo tattooboth because of the slender figure of the object and because of the liveliness of its colors, they more or less adapt to all dispositions and both masculine and feminine tastes. But ... what could flamingo tattoo?

Flamingo tattoo: meaning

This tropical bird with bright pink feathers is a symbol of Florida, a famous region of the United States. The flamingo itself does not have much symbolism that might be associated with ancient cultures or beliefs, but it does have qualities that make tattoos interesting in terms of meaning.

For example, flamingos are very animal friendly, who often and willingly communicates with his fellows. Also flamingos are recognized loving and caring parents towards their children, making it a great subject for mums and fathers who want to symbolize their affection for their children and therefore the concept family and protection... In addition to these meanings, flamingo tattoos can mean:

  • tropics
  • The Bellezza
  • balance
  • elegance
  • grace
  • summer

When it comes to the tropics and summer in particular, it is not unusual to see flamingo tattoos paired with palm trees, fruits, or beaches.

Of course, flamingos owe a lot to their beauty. bright colors their plumage. However, nothing prevents them from making them monochrome ink, black and white, for minimal and very original effects.