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Enchanting horse tattoos - ideas and meaning

Anyone who has had the opportunity to walk up or ride a horse at least once knows how adorable these creatures can be. Majestic, gigantic, powerful and agile, but at the same time very intelligent and sociable. Few people were lucky enough to ride these wonderful creatures and who do not leave a piece of their heart in the saddle every time they leave them. So it's okay to see horse tattooof course, however, they are not intended exclusively for horsemen and the like. Horse tattoos can have different meanings associated with the role of this animal in history, mythology, and cultural images. So let's see together what different meanings and reasons for horse tattoos this could definitely be a good idea for an original tattoo.

The horse has taken in a general sense and throughout history the following meanings: nobility, grace, freedom, courage, strength, fertility, strength, Beauty, intelligence, sociability. However, as is often the case, the meaning varies from culture to culture. For example me Celts they considered horses to be extremely important creatures to be respected; in fact, they worshiped a goddess named Epona, who was in charge of protecting horses, donkeys and beasts of burden. However, for the Greeks, horses were also a symbol victory and trophies won in the war, also associated with sun, honor and strength.

Other tribal peoples, such as the American Indians, considered the horse a symbol of spiritual unity with natureas well as strength and power. For the American Indians, the horse was a messenger, a valuable helper, and they recognized its free and noble spirit, which could only be "tamed" through a tacit agreement of mutual respect.

On the other hand, for the Chinese, the horse is one of the animals in their astronomical calendar. Corresponds to our Gemini and is an animal that representslove, perseverance, dedication and stability.

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What styles of making a unique horse tattoo are right for us? They are, as always, endless. It can be a small and discreet tattoo, or it can be a huge and colorful tattoo. An animal whose movements are especially valuable, sharp and sinuous, are especially beautiful. sketch tattoo style, with lines that overlap and are not defined, as in a quick sketch by a draftsman.

My horse? I would not change this

without another four-legged beast.

When I'm in the saddle

it's as if I were flying: I am a hawk

rides with him through the air.

The earth sings when he touches it.

The most commonplace horn of his hoof

it is more harmonious than Hermes beer.

(William Shakespeare)