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50 words in other languages ​​for the original tattoo [Updated!]


Are you looking for tattoo words that could describe you or tell your story, but you can't think of the right words?

It sometimes happens to everyone that it is difficult to find the right word to define something, especially when it comes to feeling or emotion... Although in fact Italian is of Latin origin and therefore very complex and rich, there is often no word that defines exactly what we feel and think. However, other languages ​​have words that do this, and this can be a very interesting starting point for tattoo with inscription.

Here are a few words for tattoo it is worth considering for your tattoo!

Words for tattoos in other languages

Here are a few ideas words in other languages or compound words playing with the etymology of other idioms that can be used to original and very personal tattoo, which determines how we feel and felt in certain circumstances.

<br>• special: the realization that every passer-by's life is as difficult as ours

<br>• Opium: ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which makes us feel caught and vulnerable at the same time

<br>• Monachopsis: a persistent and unpleasant feeling of irrelevance

<br>• Heating: the sweet and bitter feeling that we arrived in the future, saw how things were going, but could not warn ourselves in the past. The so-called "hindsight"

<br>• Yuska: an agitated conversation that, however, takes place in our head

<br>• Chrysalism: the enveloping sensation of a person in a closed and collected place while the weather is bad outside

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<br>• Ellipsism: the sadness and anticipation you get when you can't know how things will turn out

<br>• Kuebiko: feeling exhausted when observing unwarranted scenes of violence

<br>• Exulence: a tendency to discard the story of an experience because the interlocutors cannot understand it.

<br>• Taking a node: the realization that the plot of our life no longer makes sense and needs to be changed

• Occultism: awareness of how limited our vision of things, our point of view

<br>• open-mouthed: supreme love (not romantic love), unconditional love that encompasses all things and people.

<br>• Kefi: joy, enthusiasm, passion for life in the maximum expression of happiness, contentment and fun.

<br>• Ukiyo: live in the present, moving away from life's worries

<br>• Nemophile: a person who loves forests, their beauty and their solutidin.

<br>• Komorebi: from Japanese - the sun that seeps through the trees.

<br>• Wabi-sabi: from the Japanese - the art of finding beauty in the imperfection of life, embracing the natural cycle of growth and decline.

(Words are taken from the work Vocabulary of Incomprehensible Sadness in John Koenig)

Words for tattoos in English

<br>• Serendipity: a term indicating that happy and positive discoveries are made by chance, without looking for them.

<br>• Passion for travel: desire to travel, discover new places, perhaps by accident

<br>• clarity: clarity, purity, when everything seems clear and transparent, completely understandable

<br>• cheerful: hardy, able to withstand difficulties and adapt to unfamiliar situations

<br>• Wild: wild, crazy, primitive, wild

<br>• Cake: honey

<br>• ethereal: ethereal, delicate and radiant

<br>• Azure: a poetic and less used way of saying "blue", "heavenly" is the color of the clear sky.

French words for tattoo

<br>• Fearless: Fearless, fearless and courageous.

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<br>• unforgettable: unforgettable, not easy to forget

<br>• To fly away: fly away

<br>• Sheri: Dear, beloved, affectionate way to call your loved one

<br>• Hope: hope

<br>• blaze: glow, sudden and instant brightness