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4 good reasons to get a pug dog tattoo

What wouldn't we do for our four-legged friends? For the sake of their inseparable little dogs, many are also willing to "sacrifice" part of their skin to get a tattoo ... as is the case with those who choose Pug tattoo!

I tattoo with dogs they can have different meanings, but what about a pug in particular? What could be the point "Pug tattoo"? Pug - the English term for our Pug, derived from an older English word (Puguet), which was jokingly used as "imp" or "monkey". As such, the term pairs well with the pug, given the breed's undeniable liveliness and amusing demeanor.

So, the Reason number 1 to get a pug tattoo it's ... they're funny! Their round-eyed mischievous gaze, flattened muzzles and pink tongues that often hang happily out of their mouths will evoke sympathy from anyone!

The second reason a pug tattoo might be a good idea is because they are extremely The social... Despite their small size, they have a very different character from chiwawa and other small dogs. Their mood is playful but not jittery, and they socialize easily (usually) with new people. A pug tattoo so it could be an original metaphor for a very sociable and witty person.

So we come to reason # 3: pugs are extraordinary stubborn! This funny and cute little animal can be very stubborn and determined to get what you want. Are you like that too? So a pug tattoo might be for you.

The fourth good reason to choose a pug tattoo to represent some trait is that they are a bit ... dogs ... egocentric! Pugs need more than other breeds to receive the hug and attention of their owner, and they suffer greatly if ignored or treated without the necessary love. Although they do not neglect the company of their fellows, they prefer the company of humans. They are also very sensitive and intelligent animals that, besides being stubborn, do well in obedience exercises!

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Adorable, playful, stubborn and are always looking for hugs ... In addition to being a very special and fun tattoo subject, pugs also have a number of characteristics by which you can recognize yourself and for which they are very loved by little dogs!