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37 chest tattoos you can fall in love with - photos, ideas and tips

For many years I chest tattoo they were almost exclusively the prerogative of a male audience. However, in recent years, this piece has also become popular with women and girls, launching a series of more feminine and downright dramatic designs and creations!

As for me tattoos on the ribsEven tattoos on the chest can be more painful than tattoos on the softer parts of the body. But how painful is it to get a tattoo on your chest? While a lot depends on the endurance of the pain each of us experiences, breasts are definitely not a walk, especially for those about to get their first tattoo. In fact, the skin at this point on the body (especially in women) is quite thin and tender and does not have a layer of fat that relieves the typical burning sensation. If pain bothers you more than you should, talk to your trusted tattoo artist: the artist will be able to evaluate and advise you to get a tattoo in multiple sessions to make the individual sessions shorter and more bearable and make room. to the skin. to prepare for a new round. The main advice of these cases, valid for withstand the pain of a tattoo on your chest or ribs, will continue breathe... Many in fact, often more from exertion than real pain, tend to hold their breath without realizing it, contracting their muscles and feeling that it is causing more pain!

Concerning suitable items for this placement? Of course, a tattoo on the chest is not easy to hide, especially if it is done by a girl. Green light on the necklines, so the chosen design will be a noticeable adornment of the outfit as a whole! There are no “not recommended” items (assuming common sense is always there), but there are items that are especially interesting when tattooed on the chest. Among them we find flowers such as roseswhich, thanks to their general round shape, create soft and sensual designs, or feathers, classic swallows, butterflies or three-dimensional necklaces or jewelry.

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