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32 tattoos inspired by Studio Ghibli anime characters

What do names like Totoro, Kiki, Princess Mononoke, Faceless tell you? For anime fans, this is not a mystery at all, because we are talking about the characters of some of the famous animated films produced by Studio Ghibli!

I tattoos inspired by Studio Ghibli anime characters they are far from uncommon, in fact there are many fans of this genre and they were not fascinated by the stories of this Japanese production house.

The stories created by Studio Ghibli are often associated with fantasy worlds, magical and mysterious characters, but also very "similar" to some personalities from the real world. Studio Ghibli was founded in the 80s by renowned Japanese directors Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, whose goal was to create something new, sensational and unique in the world of Japanese and international animation. And we can say that their goal has been achieved, because animated films produced by the Studio are loved all over the world, and not only among anime lovers!

But going back to tattoos inspired by Studio Ghibli, there are characters who are chosen more often than others. First of all, Totoro from the movie "My Neighbor Totoro", a funny forest guardian animal, similar to a cross between a bear and a raccoon, who loves to sleep and can become invisible. V Totoro tattoos they are very common among Studio Ghibli fans, so much so that Totoro is even part of the logo; Moreover Totoro symbolizes love and respect for nature.

Also Faceless tattoos they are quite common among fans, even if this character is less bland and gentle than Totoro. Senza Volto is a character from the story "The Enchanted City" who immediately shows some pain in relation to the main character Sen, who follows her everywhere and do my best to make her happy... He's a black figure in a white mask obviously very calm and peacefulwhich, however, becomes enraged if her attention does not return! A Faceless character tattoo it can represent an outwardly calm character, but stormy in depth, or a willingness to do anything to make the one you love happy.

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In fact, the characters described in the Studio Ghibli cartoons have very emphasized characters, sometimes with exaggerated flaws and merits, therefore Studio Ghibli character tattoo they could be an exaggerated portrayal of some of our character traits.

Or tattoo inspired by Studio Ghibli it might just be a tribute to a film that taught us something and stayed especially in our hearts.

Because in the end who said there should always be meaning behind it tattoo based on our favorite cartoon?