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32 stunning fox tattoos - photo and meaning

We know his cunning, stealth and fiery red robes: of course, we are talking about Volpe!

I tattoos with foxes they can be real works of art that can be given to your skin: the color of the fur, the voluminous tail, the sharp muzzle make the fox a versatile and artistically perfect object.

Moreover, the value fox tattoo it is, as always, multifaceted and in many cultures takes on a clearly positive connotation. But let's take a closer look.

What is the meaning of fox tattoos?

As is often the case with many animals, the fox also finds a particularly fortunate meaning in Asia, namely Japan. Here, after all, the fox is considered divine animalcarrying rain. Finding her along the way was not easy. good omenespecially for the farmer. Interestingly, even in Japan, the fox is considered very smart, but not a fraud. Indeed, he is believed to have a neutral morality that tends to be wise.

If we move a little, to the side China, the fox is considered a messenger who is from outside connects with loved ones who have died. So meeting her is auspicious sign.

Another very beautiful meaning of the fox is found among the Celts. The Celts really had very close connection with everything related to nature, forest and the fox was for them an animal object of worship... In fact, the fox has absolute agility in the forest, it moves with grace and wisdom even in the most inaccessible places, and for this reason the Celts considered it Management, un symbol of wisdom.

Thus, the fox has a very positive meaning regardless of the culture to which it belongs, but it's up to you. what value is closest to your desires... In terms of style, we can say that there really are no restrictions, because this wonderful animal lends itself to all artistic styles in terms of color and physique.

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