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30+ majestic lion tattoos


If I say lion, the word king comes to mind. Maybe it's just a flashback of Disney's The Lion King, but it's really impossible to talk about a lion without thinking about the greatness of this feline. THE lion tattooIn addition to being beautiful, they can also be very important and important. So let's take a look at some of the aspects and symbols associated with this animal that can make a lion tattoo even more unique and precious.

What does lion tattoo mean? 

First of all, the lion personifies strength, wisdom and courage.

Being a nocturnal animal The meaning of a lion tattoo it is also enriched with all the symbols associated with the night, such as the power and control of the subconscious and dreams.

However, it is curious to note that in many cultures the lion is associated with the sun, despite the fact that this feline lives mainly at night. And, as is often the case with the female counterpart, the lioness is associated with the moon.

For example, in Egypt, the lion represents the fierce heat of the sun and is often associated with Sekhmet, the goddess known as the Eye of Ra. This goddess has power defend the good and destroy the wicked.

In ancient Greece, however, lions were associated with the gods Dionysus, Phoebus, Cybele, and Artemis, because myth says that their chariots were pulled by lions. In this case, lions take on the role of protectors and were also considered the guardians of the dead and palaces, thrones and temples. More broadly I lions - protectors of the earth and home.

Then being a zodiac sign, lion zodiac tattoo it can also take on a meaning associated with the characteristics of those born under this sign. Passion, creativity, generosity, independence, controlliness, loyalty are all qualities that can be represented by a lion tattoo.

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Lion tattoos can also draw attention to how these animals behave in nature. The greatness and strength of these animals is obvious at first glance. They are animals belligerent and brave, ready to die to protect the herd and territory. However, they are animals too. независимый, not necessarily belonging to a similar group.

Thus, I lion tattoo can represent strength, courage, power, but also protection, justice, independence and belligerence.

Lion Tattoo Ideas

When it comes to style, the lion offers endless possibilities. A tattoo with stylized lion it may be a suitable choice for those looking for a designer tattoo that is understated and elegant, perhaps in a small size. However, given the grandeur and beauty of the item, the lion is often chosen for large tattoos, as is the case with some soccer players.

Who wants to pamper themselves realistic lion tattoo, can even choose the expressiveness that will give the lion (relaxation, roar, etc.), whether it be done in black and white or in color, or do it in a watercolor style.