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30 tattoos inspired by the Game of Thrones saga

Game of Thrones is one of those phenomena that are destined to last for decades and gather millions of fans. If the literary saga of George R.R. Martin, entitled A song of ice and fire For more than 20 years he had a lot of followers, the television series made a real epidemic effect!

I tattoos inspired by the Game of Thrones saga Of course, there could be no question: there is an abundance of "tattoo" material between quotations from books or TV series, portraits of heroes, coats of arms!

Without going into the details of the plot, which in itself is quite complex and known to most, let's see together what Game of Thrones inspired tattoos most popular with fans!

The most romantic fans will surely love the epic love story of Daenerys, Mother of Dragons, with Khal Drogo, king of the Dothraki. The way the two characters called each other in tender moments has become one of the most common GOT-inspired tattoos. In fact, Daenerys says: “Sheh ma sheraki anni"And means"My sun and my stars«, Mentre Hal risponde»Atthirari Anni Street"And means"The Moon of my life».

Another famous and highly tattooed phrase from Game of Thrones: “all people are mortal". What does a tattoo mean all people are mortal? This phrase means "All people must die." The language used for this sentence is Valyrian, and it has been used several times throughout history, but I undoubtedly like the line from Daenerys the most, which reads: “All people are mortal. Right. All people must die…. But we we are not men'. (Applause, thunderous applause forDeyenerisedition).

For people like me who love the Daenerys character, even a dragon tattoo might be a great idea to pay homage to the saga.

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In addition, there are symbols of various houses, which are ideal symbols as symbols for personalized tattoos based on personality and similarities to the characteristics of characters belonging to different houses. You can find a detailed list of all the houses on the Game Of Thrones Wiki.

Finally, there are quotes from books and seasons that also offer beautiful ideas for tattoos with phrases or inscriptions. Here are some of the most popular quotes from readers and fans of the show:

• "Winter is coming" (House Stark motto, winter is coming)

• “Valar Dohaeris  (is the second part of the phrase Valar morghulis and means "all people should serve")

• “There is only one God, and his name is Death. And we say only one thing to death: not today " (There is only one God, and his name is Death. And we only say one thing about death: not today)

• “When you play Game of Thrones, you either win or die. There is no middle ground. " (When you play Game of Thrones, you either win or die. There is no middle ground.)

• “Drakaris! »  (this is the magic word that Daenerys can use to order his dragons to set fire to anything and everything)