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30 cage tattoos for those who conquered freedom

Freedom from bonds, freedom of thought, self-expression, freedom to be yourself, freedom to love. Freedom, both in history and in the present, forced many people to fight, to collide with society. Many artists have tried to depict the conquest of freedom, and among these images we certainly find tattoos with cells and birds.

Value cage tattoo it may seem obvious, in fact it is a tattoo with a deep and very personal meaning that can tell a lot about our history and our journey to conquering the desired freedom. An open cage tattoo and a flying bird are a symbol of independence, the ability to finally take over your life. In fact, imagine animals, such as birds, the only ones who know how to soar in the air with unparalleled grace: can you imagine something that inspires more carefree and free than a bird soaring in the sky? Thus, the enclosure of a bird in a cage undoubtedly represents a rejection of these sensations, the inability to live a full life and, conversely, an open cage with escaping birds symbolizes restoring your nature, freedom, control and happiness.

Cage and bird tattoos can be done in different styles: there are those who choose colorful and detailed design, with flowers, birds, metallic reflections and bright plumage, getting real works of art; others prefer a more subdued design with harsh black lines that only create silhouette scenes. For AccommodationIn the case of larger and more colorful tattoos, the shoulders and hips are undoubtedly the most popular points, while for a more minimalistic design, the fingers, wrists and ankles, as well as the part behind the ear, are the most valuable and original parts. body.